Monday, 27 May 2013

Top 5 best vita games!

Top 5 Best Vita Games!

PSvita has a lot of games but most are not very good! so i am going to tell you the best games for the vita! Here we go!

5) Penguin Party!
penguin party is a free PSmobile game released a few weeks ago. it is a puzzle game where you have to place arrows so the penguins can get all of the balloons and then get them to the fish. it is a very good game! but when you first play it it may not look any good,but if you give it a chance it is great! also lots of DLC has been promised for this game! the game is very short at the moment which is the only reason this is not 1st or second This game can be downloaded of the PSvita store under the PSmobile tab!

4)Resistance Burning Skies!
  this game could have been my favorite game but the game has no replay ability at all and the multiplayer not only is terrible but you also have to pay for an online pass just so you can play the multiplayer! the graphics and game play are very good however..also the game is really, really short! so short i beat it in under 8 hours which is pretty bad considering other games i have put over 30 hours in by now.

3)PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale!
this game is a fighter a lot like super smash brothers but with some Changes Such as the only way to kill people is with special attacks and also with PlayStation characters like:
Nathan Drake
The God Of War-Kratos
As well as other people. this game has great graphics and also if you buy the PS3 version you get the vita version for free! As well as that there is also cross save, so your saves go on both platforms and also you can fight people on the other platform...this game is very good but gets very repetitive.

2)Uncharted: Golden Abyss! this game is a third person shooter with great graphics! if you have played the other uncharted's then you can expect the same kind of game here! Definitely the best i have ever seen on a handheld device! also the game has a lot of replay ability because there are treasures you can find and extra puzzles you can solve! this game nearly was first but because of the lack of multiplayer i had to put it at two.

1)Little Big Planet Vita!
this game is amazing! it has so much replay ability and a great multiplayer that it just has to be the best vita game in my opinion! the only problem with it is that it has some connection issues but they the developers have said they will fix later so that is fine. the graphics are amazing and people make 100's levels every day so you never run out of levels! this game is a fun platformer but also can be a rpg..shooter or whatever you want it to be! this is the best vita game so far!
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