Friday, 30 August 2013

Come check out some of my new bubbles!

Hi! Today i wanted to make a post with links to some of my new bubbles i have wrote! Here they are
Anyway that is basically it! Have fun!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


i know i said i will not post on here anymore but....i need Google to accept my adsense request...:/ so i i go! XD zomogames got an update today with a new game called zombie tormentor.. i played the game a few months ago, but i did not know i could host it on my site, and when i found out i could....well, i am sure you know what happened next! XD

So,here is the problem i don't know if i wanna stay on blogspot and get money of adsense here, or stay on wordpress and have to use different people for ads.
:/ tell me in the comments which one i should choose. but anyway i have been using this website called bubblews  which basically gives you money for writing blogposts..but they have a lot of rules! seriously!
but if anyone wants to view them then click Here!

So..also i deleted my remix of one minute by krewella because..well lets just say there was copyright issues.. :/ But there gone now, nobody really listened to it you know..also it was not exactly my best work either :/

Penguin party got some DLC a weekish a go! it added a whole new level pack as well as some other stuff like the bonus levels you get for getting all the fishes. Also,do you know what game i am addicted to? The Simpsons tapped out. it is just so fun! and there is like a update once a month so it is gonna take me ages to run out of stuff to do. sadly it is on ios and android there probably wont be a video on it unless for some reason i feel like recording my android with one of those apps that record your tablet. :P

Anyway that is all i think of saying so im gonna go play a game! Bai! <3