Saturday, 18 May 2013


hi guys i just wanted to tell you that i no longer use this website as a blog.....well i still do but i dont use it very much because i now have a website i made using weebly where you can download my games,my songs and other shoop... 
ok btw if my youtube games or my music get popular i will make my website not have the weebly thing at the end...also my website does not come up on google Until i start paying :/ also on my website i haz a blog on there which is not poooppppppppppppppp. and there is also a forum where you can talk to moi and my friends as well as other bic boi's
(in case you havent noticed my fans are now called bic boi's...dont ask why..:D) also i have a wiki now aswell so people can find out stuff about me and my games...and other stuff...feel free to contribute to it but please dont grief it! thanks
also google if you read this im not gonna use this much anymore...ok? thanks! my website is a lot better and cooler and shoop. i really dont know what to say anymore....ummm...hi and gonna go in a minute because i wanna go play angry birds! :P what! it is fun! also by the way i use an android emulator called is quite good but lags with a few apps...but oh well it barely lags with angry birds...also btw angry birds star wars is the best one so far in my i just realized how much i have wrote...ehmergerd..also please tell your friends of my youtube channel and my website and stuff! i would realy appreciate it..i may even give you a shoutout.....i know how much people <3 shoutouts!

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