Saturday, 25 May 2013


i swear google are trolling does my website have copyrighted material on it? i don't know... i have deleted my video with my first mix which was terrible anyway so it does not really matter but....just in case that was what was stopping me from getting adsense....:( this is so annoying..also now google are now saying my blog does not have enough content on it! :(((((( oh well...i guess i will just write some moar stuff..i think googles thing that checks website is broken..haha probably not! also jinx seems to not be working at the moment..whenever i try to log doesn't let me.. weird! haha ok hey wanna listen to my new song? you do? ok here it is :P also i just releazid my youtube channel is not connected to my blogger..SETTINGS HERE I COME!!!! HAHA! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL! sorry about that..... :P i have wrote quite a lot havent I! ok im gonna go play a game...dont know what though...sleeping dogs? maybe....dragons dogma?????? ummm...i really dont know :P ANGRY BIRDS! YEAH! OK SEE YOU GUYS LATER!

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