Saturday, 18 May 2013


hi guys this is just a quick post because i was kinda bored and felt like writing on here and stuff!
also now i will be writing on here moar! because i am moving here instead of my previous blog thing on my website! it was kinda terrible.... :D so if you are here from my website then check here often for news about me! also btw expect a new gaming video soon! it is recorded, i just need to edit,render and then upload it and the editing and rendering will be done tonight! GET READY!!! :P also look at the bottom of the blog...there are FISH!!!! IF YOU CRICK ON THAT THAN LE FISH EAT THE THING YOU PUT THERE EHMEHGERD!!!!!!! sorry about that :P also i have signed up for adsense so lets see what google think of my websites! :D
ALSO I HAZ NEW REDESIGN OF MY WEBSITE!! IT LOOKS SO COOL!!! sorry again.....i get really overexcited...also by the way if you are reading this please say so in the comments! :D

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