Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lets Try.....Hotline Miami

Enjoy! :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Lets Play Left 4 Dead 2 #5

Here! For some reason it will not embed it so i guess you just gonna have to click on the link.. :/ anyway thanks for reading! bai!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Daddyhughes111-Rashers New Song!

NEW SONG! :D Unless you have downloaded my may have heard it if you have c:

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


i know i said i will not post on here anymore but....i need Google to accept my adsense request...:/ so i i go! XD zomogames got an update today with a new game called zombie tormentor.. i played the game a few months ago, but i did not know i could host it on my site, and when i found out i could....well, i am sure you know what happened next! XD

So,here is the problem i don't know if i wanna stay on blogspot and get money of adsense here, or stay on wordpress and have to use different people for ads.
:/ tell me in the comments which one i should choose. but anyway i have been using this website called bubblews  which basically gives you money for writing blogposts..but they have a lot of rules! seriously!
but if anyone wants to view them then click Here!

So..also i deleted my remix of one minute by krewella because..well lets just say there was copyright issues.. :/ But there gone now, nobody really listened to it you know..also it was not exactly my best work either :/

Penguin party got some DLC a weekish a go! it added a whole new level pack as well as some other stuff like the bonus levels you get for getting all the fishes. Also,do you know what game i am addicted to? The Simpsons tapped out. it is just so fun! and there is like a update once a month so it is gonna take me ages to run out of stuff to do. sadly it is on ios and android there probably wont be a video on it unless for some reason i feel like recording my android with one of those apps that record your tablet. :P

Anyway that is all i think of saying so im gonna go play a game! Bai! <3

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


click this to go there!
hope you guys like it! bai bic boi!!

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Every Wanted free games? yup me too! :P click on this link!
and you can sign up for tremor games...they website that gives you free steam games for playing flash games.. in half a month i have already got:
telltale collection
awesomenauts DLC
and zombie driver HD
i got all of this for FREE! 
So sign up right now to get PC games for free! i mean...what have you got to lose? :D seriously though this is the best website ever! :D 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I HAVE 100 SUBS!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!! THE 100 SUBS SPECIAL IS......get ready...........A QUESTION AND ANSWER!!!
i have already recorded it but now i need to render and upload it! ok see ya later bic boiiii!!! bai!!

EDIT: Here is the video! ---->

Saturday, 8 June 2013

2 refferals for free steam games and playblink

click these to help me out so i can get free steam games! thanks!
thank you again! Bai! <3

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


i now have ads on my website and my blog! yay! i didn't use adsense though because they were being annoying and saying stuff like my blog and website did not have enough content on it and that there were copyright stuff on there...but i'm using mylikes now which in my opinion is better! know awesomeness! ok that is pretty much it for now so bai!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Top 5 best vita games!

Top 5 Best Vita Games!

PSvita has a lot of games but most are not very good! so i am going to tell you the best games for the vita! Here we go!

5) Penguin Party!
penguin party is a free PSmobile game released a few weeks ago. it is a puzzle game where you have to place arrows so the penguins can get all of the balloons and then get them to the fish. it is a very good game! but when you first play it it may not look any good,but if you give it a chance it is great! also lots of DLC has been promised for this game! the game is very short at the moment which is the only reason this is not 1st or second This game can be downloaded of the PSvita store under the PSmobile tab!

4)Resistance Burning Skies!
  this game could have been my favorite game but the game has no replay ability at all and the multiplayer not only is terrible but you also have to pay for an online pass just so you can play the multiplayer! the graphics and game play are very good however..also the game is really, really short! so short i beat it in under 8 hours which is pretty bad considering other games i have put over 30 hours in by now.

3)PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale!
this game is a fighter a lot like super smash brothers but with some Changes Such as the only way to kill people is with special attacks and also with PlayStation characters like:
Nathan Drake
The God Of War-Kratos
As well as other people. this game has great graphics and also if you buy the PS3 version you get the vita version for free! As well as that there is also cross save, so your saves go on both platforms and also you can fight people on the other platform...this game is very good but gets very repetitive.

2)Uncharted: Golden Abyss! this game is a third person shooter with great graphics! if you have played the other uncharted's then you can expect the same kind of game here! Definitely the best i have ever seen on a handheld device! also the game has a lot of replay ability because there are treasures you can find and extra puzzles you can solve! this game nearly was first but because of the lack of multiplayer i had to put it at two.

1)Little Big Planet Vita!
this game is amazing! it has so much replay ability and a great multiplayer that it just has to be the best vita game in my opinion! the only problem with it is that it has some connection issues but they the developers have said they will fix later so that is fine. the graphics are amazing and people make 100's levels every day so you never run out of levels! this game is a fun platformer but also can be a rpg..shooter or whatever you want it to be! this is the best vita game so far!
Thanks For Reading!

Saturday, 25 May 2013


i swear google are trolling does my website have copyrighted material on it? i don't know... i have deleted my video with my first mix which was terrible anyway so it does not really matter but....just in case that was what was stopping me from getting adsense....:( this is so annoying..also now google are now saying my blog does not have enough content on it! :(((((( oh well...i guess i will just write some moar stuff..i think googles thing that checks website is broken..haha probably not! also jinx seems to not be working at the moment..whenever i try to log doesn't let me.. weird! haha ok hey wanna listen to my new song? you do? ok here it is :P also i just releazid my youtube channel is not connected to my blogger..SETTINGS HERE I COME!!!! HAHA! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL! sorry about that..... :P i have wrote quite a lot havent I! ok im gonna go play a game...dont know what though...sleeping dogs? maybe....dragons dogma?????? ummm...i really dont know :P ANGRY BIRDS! YEAH! OK SEE YOU GUYS LATER!

Friday, 24 May 2013

I am going to release DEATH! STAY HERE! today witch is a game i made a couple years ago that i decided to finish and release! i used scratch to make it and tbh it is not that good know...the game will be on gamejolt later tonight! i am just doing the finishing touches now! :D bai!

Thursday, 23 May 2013


hai guys! today i will be updating my website...a bit but first some news!
i kinds forgot to render dat video a while ago sorry about that..
and also exploration nation is now on gamejolt!
link here-
also all updates to exploration nation will now be on there so now life is awesome! :P

ok now changelog for today!
<3I have changed the link for exploration nation to the gamejolt one
<3got adsense ready so when google accept it....hopefully the ads will be ready!
<3changed the my music info
<3improved the random other stuff thing!
ok that is it for today hope you like the new updates!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

copyrighted material

ok then.... apparently my blog has copyrighted material...wait wut? i dont even know.....if anyone knows how i can fix this please tell me bai!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

here i am writing another blog...

so lets talk! what you doing....reading this? oh really? cool! you want to know if i am green?? lolwut? you are messed up bic boi...are you green? oh you are? that would explain it then!!! :/ lets stop talking now yeah my adsense application is still being checked and verified and stuff! also i am not looking at my keyboard much while i am writing this so i keep making spelling mistakes and have to keep fixing gonna start looking at my keyboard now! also by the way this blog is for bic boi's only so if you are not a bic know.... i have been trying to platinum sleeping dogs on le ps3 recelenly and im nearly half way there! im like 47% done! im really liking the game so far! the combat and free running is just amazing! it is like the fighting in the batman games,only made even better! and the parkour is game has better parkour/free it is pretty good! Anyway better go now because i dont know what else to type! :DDD 


hi guys this is just a quick post because i was kinda bored and felt like writing on here and stuff!
also now i will be writing on here moar! because i am moving here instead of my previous blog thing on my website! it was kinda terrible.... :D so if you are here from my website then check here often for news about me! also btw expect a new gaming video soon! it is recorded, i just need to edit,render and then upload it and the editing and rendering will be done tonight! GET READY!!! :P also look at the bottom of the blog...there are FISH!!!! IF YOU CRICK ON THAT THAN LE FISH EAT THE THING YOU PUT THERE EHMEHGERD!!!!!!! sorry about that :P also i have signed up for adsense so lets see what google think of my websites! :D
ALSO I HAZ NEW REDESIGN OF MY WEBSITE!! IT LOOKS SO COOL!!! sorry again.....i get really overexcited...also by the way if you are reading this please say so in the comments! :D


hi guys i just wanted to tell you that i no longer use this website as a blog.....well i still do but i dont use it very much because i now have a website i made using weebly where you can download my games,my songs and other shoop... 
ok btw if my youtube games or my music get popular i will make my website not have the weebly thing at the end...also my website does not come up on google Until i start paying :/ also on my website i haz a blog on there which is not poooppppppppppppppp. and there is also a forum where you can talk to moi and my friends as well as other bic boi's
(in case you havent noticed my fans are now called bic boi's...dont ask why..:D) also i have a wiki now aswell so people can find out stuff about me and my games...and other stuff...feel free to contribute to it but please dont grief it! thanks
also google if you read this im not gonna use this much anymore...ok? thanks! my website is a lot better and cooler and shoop. i really dont know what to say anymore....ummm...hi and gonna go in a minute because i wanna go play angry birds! :P what! it is fun! also by the way i use an android emulator called is quite good but lags with a few apps...but oh well it barely lags with angry birds...also btw angry birds star wars is the best one so far in my i just realized how much i have wrote...ehmergerd..also please tell your friends of my youtube channel and my website and stuff! i would realy appreciate it..i may even give you a shoutout.....i know how much people <3 shoutouts!