Saturday, 18 May 2013

here i am writing another blog...

so lets talk! what you doing....reading this? oh really? cool! you want to know if i am green?? lolwut? you are messed up bic boi...are you green? oh you are? that would explain it then!!! :/ lets stop talking now yeah my adsense application is still being checked and verified and stuff! also i am not looking at my keyboard much while i am writing this so i keep making spelling mistakes and have to keep fixing gonna start looking at my keyboard now! also by the way this blog is for bic boi's only so if you are not a bic know.... i have been trying to platinum sleeping dogs on le ps3 recelenly and im nearly half way there! im like 47% done! im really liking the game so far! the combat and free running is just amazing! it is like the fighting in the batman games,only made even better! and the parkour is game has better parkour/free it is pretty good! Anyway better go now because i dont know what else to type! :DDD 

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